Our Founder & Creative Director's vision has inspired this independent magazine's evolution from a clean slate to what digital can be, covering lifestyle and all things fashionable—content often times slightly left of mainstream. The Autumn, 2015 issue marks a year since we launched. A wonderful celebration for us but more importantly, an opportunity to continue our rapid growth in both the range of content and our readership.

So, what can you expect in the coming issues? We are planning to include more voices—the people behind brands, creations—people who are actively impacting our cultural influences. We recognise that there are a lot of creative and inspired minds walking the earth, many of whom you may not necessarily know or whose path you likely wouldn't have crossed. We're gonna introduce you to some of them.

It really is exciting times for us. We love to create around stylish things and with technology being what it is today, we look forward to doing some more interesting things. As Michey likes to say, it's why he gets up in the morning...
to do something interesting.

Stick around (and tell a friend). There's much more to IZZI...more to come.


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